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Trending for Spring Part III - Back in Black

Carolina Herrera
Time to continue our countdown of the biggest color news for Spring and Summer 2012.

Recapping the last couple of posts, and counting down, we have:

         10.  Lady Sings the Blues
           9.  Purely Pastel
           8.  Garden Party Florals
           7.  Neutral Territory
           6.  White Hot

It should probably come as no surprise that this time we'll take a look at some great little black dresses that are hot off the runways, in a trend I'll refer to as "Back in Black."  Not that we ever left it.  Black is the one color that never seems to fall from fashion's favor.  This is evidenced in the multitudes of black apparel that paraded down the runways in September Fashion Week.

Today we'll look at some of the top designs to come out of the recently shown Spring & Summer collections.
Carolina Herrera Collection Spring/Summer 2012; photo Elle magazine
5.Back in Black

It seems that black can express just about any mood or evoke nearly any emotion, depending on how it's presented.  For instance, the J. Mendel dress at right is easy-going and breezy thanks to the composition and fabrication of the dress, and its pairing with flat sandals.

On the other extreme, black can be quite serious, evoking a 'tough girl' image,  'femme fatale' or elegance and sophisitication depending on the design elements composing the dress (or other article of clothing.)

It can be edgey or demure, modern or retro, flirty or intimidating, backstreets or red carpet, all depending on the designer's magic.  

The dresses in the slides below reflect all of these moods and more.  Classic design, popular trends, and new ones, as well are all depicted here. 
J. Mendel
J. Mendel Collection Spring/Summer 2012; photo: Elle magazine
Left to right, Agnes B., Fendi, and Amanda Wakely Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine.
All of the above designs are part of the 'Lady Chic' look.
Slides 4 & 6 - Christian Dior, Slide 5 - Calvin Klein, Slide 7 - Gucci Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine
These dresses all very fluid and make use of sheer fabric. Their cut and design determine the mood.
Slides 8 & 9 - Alexis Mabille, Slide 10 - Helmut Lang, Slide 11 - Calvin Klein Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photo: Elle magazine
Each of the designs above has a very modern cut and attitude, but that's about as far as the similarities go.
Left to right, Bluemarine, Betsey Johnson, and Elie Tahari Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine
The edgy dress designs above reflect a couple of current trends; #12 is a variation on colorblocking;13 & 14 fit well in the current hardware trend with their exposed zippers.
Slide 15 - Antonio Berardi, Slide 16 - Bluemarine, Slide 17 - Celine Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine and Vladimir Potop
These dresses have come full circle from the first set with their naughty, 'tough girl' vibe.
Christian Dior Collection Spring/Summer 2012; photo: Elle magazine.
This sultry number from Dior is steeped in all-out glamour.

Short and sweet today....some great examples of spring and summer trends, all dressed in black. The countdown will continue in my next post. Hope you can join me. Until then...

Stylishly yours,

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