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Trending for Spring Part V - Black & White Mix

Christian Dior
We're approaching the final stretch of our color color show, as I present my picks for the hottest color trends of Spring & Summer 2012.

To recap the trends of previous posts, we've looked at:

          10.  Lady Sings the Blues
            9.  Purely Pastel
            8.  Garden Party Florals
            7.  Neutral Territory
            6.  White Hot
            5.  Back in Black
            4.  Shades of Gray

So today we reach the number three spot in our countdown, a trend that I'll refer to as "Black and White Mix."

Since we've already covered the colors black and white, you may be wondering why I'm returning to them again.  Quite simply, both colors are a trend on their own, but combined, they create a multitude of new looks and are at the forefront of one of spring's most important fashion trends, the Spectator Look.
Christian Dior Collection Spring/Summer 2012;
photo: Elle magazine
3.Black and White Mix

The pairing of white and black is one of the most important color trends for the coming spring and summer seasons.  So important, that the latest Christian Dior collection, among others, has been based largely on this classic combination. 

A major reason for this is the re-emergence of the 'Spectator Look.'  While never completely out of style, as part of the continuing 'Lady Chic' trend, spectator pairings are more important than ever!  The photo above shows one of my favorite ensembles to grace the Fashion Week runways.

The spectator look is certainly not black and white's only application, though.  It's a major part of the colorblocking trend as well as a foil for many of the prettiest party looks to come our way in quite sometime, as evidenced in the image on the right.

So now, without further adieu, I present you with my Spring & Summer picks in a black and white mix.
Christian Dior
Christian Dior Collection Spring/Summer 2012;
 photo Elle magazine
Left to right:  AgnesB., Alexis Mabille, Antonio Berardi, and Jaeger London Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos Elle magazine
In slides 1 & 3 we see how the 'Black & White' mix plays into the colorblocking trend.  In slide 2, Alexis Mabille give a fresh look to the timeless combo of the white blouse worn with a black skirt.  A classic spectator look, puntuated with cut-outs on the skirt and jacket and topped with a turquoise hat comes to us by way of Jaeger London in slide 4.
Slides 6 & 7 - Christian Dior, Slides 8 & 9 - Carolina Herrera Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine
Spectator looks from Dior in slides 6 & 7 and colorblocking from Carolina Herrera in slides 8 & 9.
Slides 10 - 12 - Bill Blass, Slide 13 - Gucci Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos Elle magazine
Another take on the spectator look from Bill Blass, this time with a nautical twist in slides 10 - 12, and a similar, but slightly more graphic look from Gucci in slide 13.
Slide 14 - Amanda Wakely, slides 15 & 16 - Chris Benz, slide 17 - Fendi Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine
In slide 14 we glimpse a dramatic contemporary style from Amanda Wakely. Graphic modern prints in slides 15 & 16 come to us by way of Chris Benz. Fendi brings yet another spectator look in slide 17 with the combo of black and white plus gray stripes
Slides 18 & 19 - Christian Dior, Slide 20 - Celine, Slide 21 - Donna Karan Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine, Vladimir Potop
Two more great spectator looks from Christian Dior in Slides 18 & 19, one with a leather skirt!   Black leather peplum top and wide white pants from Celine in slide 20.  In slide 21, a hot, graphic look from Donna Karan.
Slides 22 & 23 Alice + Olivia, Slide 24 Betsey Johnson Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine
The slide above shows some fun and funky black and white combos.  In slides 22 & 23 we see some lively party looks from one of my favorite labels, Alice + Olivia.  Betsey Johnson goes for the exaggerated corset look in slide 24.
Slide 25 - Jason Wu, Slides 26 & 27 - Carlos Miele, Slide 28 - Christian Dior Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine
Jason Wu gives us his interpretation of shorts styled after 1940's and 50's swimwear in Slide 25. Shimmery watercolor effect separates from Carlos Miele in slides 26 & 27. In slide 28, a black & white graphic print on a floaty, feminine party dress from Christian Dior.
Slides 28 & 30 - Carmen Marc Valvo, Slide 29 - Hermes Collections Spring/Summer 2012; photos: Elle magazine, AFP
We see the demure side of black and white in the halter dress by Carmen Marc Valvo in slide 28. Slide 29 presents an ethnic-inspired look from Hermes. Carmen Marc Valvo creates yet another polished spectator look in slide 30.
The final image for this post is a breathtaking extravaganza in lace and silk by master couturier John Galliano.  In my book, this gown is pure magic!

And that wraps my take on the "Black & White Mix."  We've made it through #3 on the countdown.  Only two more spots to go. 

While the last few posts have been black, white, combinations, or dirivatives thereof, I promise color in abundance for the #2 slot.  I hope you'll join me.  Until next time...

Stylishly yours,

John Galliano
John Galliano Couture Collection Spring/Summer 2012; photo: AP

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